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The Shoot

The shoot usually takes anywhere from 45-90 min. We will go over your wardrobe and possible looks (these can change as we move through the shoot). I shoot mostly indoors with studio lighting. You are encouraged to bring a music playlist!!! If not, no worries, we will find something that gets you inspired and feeling comfortable. We shoot a bunch, mess around with some lighting and check out some of the photos as we go. We won’t stop until we feel we got it all!


These are just suggestions... 

1 - Everyday you (this is you on a good, typical day)

2 - Commercial - Smile big and sell that toothpaste :) Bright colors are best, blues, yellows, greens etc…

3 - Business look 

4 - Person of Authority - This could be Cop, Military, etc…

5 - Tough Girl/Guy - I like to call this The Walking Dead look. We will strip most of the make-up off and make the hair a little less tame, maybe throw on a tank top and look like we can kick-butt!

6 - Friday Night - Ladies - we may add a little more color to the eyes and lips and throw on something we would if we were going out on the town with our friends. Dudes - we may slick the hair back and put on that tight fitting, black button down or whatever vibe you’re going for.


T-shirts, Polos, Button Downs, Sweaters, Jackets (leather, jean, hoodies), Suits, Flannels, anything with texture. Gentlemen make sure you have a black t-shirt. Also, nothing too distracting in regards to patterns or big logos.


***Please try to make sure your clothes are ironed and not wrinkled***


-- Cash, Check, Venmo or Credit Card (surcharge for credit) are accepted.


I will send you a link to all your headshots that are usable options. You will be able to download the whole gallery. From there you will select and email me the 6 photos you would like me to edit. After 6 there is an additional charge per photo.  I will retouch and send back as soon as possible (usually within a day to a week later). You can then share on social media and tag me if you like on Instagram and FB.

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